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Minimum 10 People

Black Tiger shrimps served cold in Pineapple
$5 (per person)

Lobster’s Tail (4 oz)
$30 (per person)

 Peking Duck
$60 per piece (for 8-10 persons)

 Chicken and Mushroom Julienne 
$7 (per person)

Tomahawk Steak 
$200 (per piece for 6 persons)

 Filet mignon in mushroom sauce with mashed potatoes
$20 (per person)

Lobster Thermidor
$30 (per person)

 Chilean sea bass on rye bread (4 oz)
$25 (per person)

Black Cod on Risotto 
$20 (per person)

Foie Gras with raspberry sauce
$20 (per person)

 Veal Chop
20$ (per person)

Gypsy style pork chop
$10 (per person) 

Hot seafood platter (lobster tail, scallops, tiger shrimps, calamari, mussels and risotto)
$60 (per person)


Hors d'oeuvres (cocktail hour) served cold and hot
Includes sushi boat and 8 assorted appetizers
$15 (per person) 

Stolichniy Salad Oliver
$20 (per plate) 

Herring with Onions 
$15 (per plate) 

Red Caviar with Mini Pancakes (100gr)
$30 (per plate) 

Boratto Cheese on Tomato Salad with Basil 
$30 (per plate)

Italian Charcuterie Board
$30 (per plate)

Vegetables Platter with Feta Cheese
$30 (per plate)


1200 Highway 7, Unit 5, Toronto, ON  |  Tel: +1 905 597 2900

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Bomond white.png
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